Who we are

The next decade belongs to Africa.

At Superpower Africa Fund, the world’s first hyper precision investment fund, we are driven by a belief in Africa. Her businesses. Her people. Her power. 

Unleashing the superpowers of hyper-precision data, machine learning and decades of relationships with African businesses, we deliver hyper-value for global investors and rapid, affordable loans for businesses across Africa.

Superpower Africa Fund is a revolution in the renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, finance and investment sectors.

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Real world data. Out of this world impact.

A win for the high impact, growing African businesses you invest in. And a win for the planet.


IRR for investors 

30 days

Rapid loans

1 million

Our target for tonnes of carbon saved by 2030


Africans in our core team

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Our partners

The superheroes who support, advise, power and protect Superpower Africa Fund and its mission.


Grow with Africa

With Superpower Africa Fund, for the first time, investors can access:

✓ decades of intelligence built on local relationships

✓ hyper precision:  traceable, trackable, impact data

✓ low risk and high yield opportunities

✓ investments into the regenerative businesses building Africa’s future

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Supercharge your business

With Superpower Africa Fund, for the first time, borrowers can access:

✓ rapid access to capital in just 30 days with no need for physical collateral 

✓ affordable finance  - reduce Weighted Average Cost of Capital (currently ~17% for mini-grids and ~14% for C&I in (real) USD terms)

✓ improved cash flow 

✓ a supportive growth partner with scalable ongoing funding

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Who cares?

We do. We are deeply invested in the future of Africa. 

That’s why we’ve established the Superpower Africa Council, to celebrate the people, businesses and ideas around the world who are superpowering Africa.

Superpower Africa Council is a powerhouse group of people who reflect the vibrancy, innovation and energy of Africa. Young people. Entrepreneurs. Musicians. Artists. Sportspeople. Politicians. You?

Learn more about the Superpower Africa Council members, and read their trail-blazing articles and ideas to inspire you about what’s next for Africa.

Superpower Africa Council

What's new?

Catch up with the latest Superpower Africa Fund news, articles and positive vibrations from our HQ in South Africa and around the world.

Introducing Superpower Women

What if gender inclusive investors had the transparent and trackable data they needed to analyse the prospective impact and financial performance of investments prior to making their investment decisions? What if it were easier and more streamlined for women owned companies to have access to the necessary capital they need to grow their businesses?

Hyperprecision Investment

How hyper precision investment is tackling centuries of financial bias on the African continent.

Illuminating Tomorrow: Pioneering Solar Initiatives in African Schools

In the heart of Africa, the Superpower Africa Fund is pioneering a transformative initiative to tackle a pervasive issue – the lack of affordable loans for individuals and businesses. This challenge not only hampers business growth but also impedes the adoption of renewable energy technologies. Put another way, many people and organizations in Africa can’t afford the high upfront costs of solar panels. The Superpower Africa Fund is designed to solve this exact issue.


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