We back Africa

We back Africa


The How

The Superpower Africa Fund is designed to be a bridge between investors and small but growing African businesses. Because of the affordability gap in Africa many of these businesses operate with PayGo or as-a-service business models. This opens the market for them and is great for end-users, but is tough on their cashflow. We solve this problem by analysing their customer payments data and sizing a working capital loan based on their projected receivables. Put another way, this allows them to convert their most valuable asset (their rights to future payments) into cash immediately rather than over the life-time of the ‘assets’ without the burden of a requirement for collateral.

We have already financed developers in South Africa and Nigeria helping them install solar on schools and hospitals. We have a pipeline of over 286 companies across Africa covering minigrids, C&I and electric vehicles.



8-12% Return. For real.

Superpower Africa Fund invites people who back Africa to invest in purpose-led businesses across the Continent.

✓ low risk, high yield investments

✓ know what your money is doing

✓ real-time tracking of impact

✓ supercharged by AI and decades of local relationships




Superpower Africa Fund provides affordable capital to supercharge the growth of businesses in Africa.

Our receivables-backed rapid loans are superpowering businesses, increasing community energy access, reducing poverty, and improving the health and wellbeing of Africa and her people.

✓ rapid access to capital - 30 days, not 6-18 months

✓ affordable capital - reduce the Weighted Average Cost of Capital 

✓ no collateral requirements



History of SAF

We stand on the shoulders of the giants who forged the opportunities for energy independence in Africa. As the world’s first hyper precision investment fund, connecting high yield investments with high impact businesses, Superpower Africa Fund hopes to play a positive part in the African story.

We all start in Africa.

Modern humans step out of Africa and into the world beyond.

The dawn of an independent Africa

March 1957

Kwame Nkrumah leads Ghana to become the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonial rule (Sam’s grandfather George worked closely with Nkrumah helping establish Ghana’s tertiary education system).

Year of Africa

January 1960

17 African nations gain independence, marking a significant turning point in the decolonization process.


January 2010

Superpower Africa Fund founder Dr Sam Duby develops some of the pioneering solar mini-grids in rural Kenya.


November 2012

Dr. Sam Duby co-founds Ashden Gold Award-winning company leveraging the data and mobile money revolution in Africa to monetise rural energy assets.

TFE Africa Pty. Ltd.

November 2018

African entity established to provide advisory services on the economics and use of data technologies for renewable energy expansion in frontier markets and capitalise on the opportunities for low-carbon technologies across the Continent.

Village Data Analytics

April 2020

We help launch VIDA, an earth observation and AI-powered custom software that enables data-driven investment, business and policy decisions.

Superpower Africa Fund

January 2023

Leveraging hyper precision data and local market knowledge to supercharge regenerative investment into low-carbon technologies across Africa


We will provide $250m in low-cost finance by 2030. And that’s just the start.

At Superpower Africa Fund, we believe in the people, businesses and power of Africa. The next decade belongs to Africa. Be a part of the African growth story. Or be apart from it - just don’t say we didn’t tell you.


Not all heroes wear capes. Every single one of the Superpower Africa Fund team, together with our board, advisors and partners, believe in the power and beauty of Africa, her people, her businesses.

Our partners

The superheroes who support, advise, power and protect Superpower Africa Fund and its mission.

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Still have a question?


Whether you are a potential investor or borrower, we have the most frequently asked questions below.

What are we actually trying to do here?

The Superpower Africa Fund aims to support the electrification of the 733 million people worldwide without electricity access. We want to do this by capitalizing on the continent's growing renewable energy and PAYGo markets to empower businesses and communities.

What is the Superpower Africa Fund vision?

The Fund envisions a world where Africa's inherent potential is realized and the continent is powered primarily by renewable energy, benefiting both the environment and its communities.

Why is electrifying Africa important?

Beyond the market opportunity of $200 million for investors, electrifying Africa means providing affordable and reliable renewable energy to various businesses and communities. This will boost economic activities, reduce dependency on non-renewable energy sources, and lead to holistic community development.

Why is data crucial for the Superpower Africa Fund?

The fund is Africa’s first hyper-precision investment fund, which means every asset or investment can be tracked digitally. This allows for near real-time monitoring and ensures that the impact (e.g., carbon mitigation or gender impact) can be quantified, verified, and analyzed.

How does the Superpower Africa Fund ensure transparency in its investments?

Through its digital trail, every asset or company in the fund is traceable. The precision allows for the direction of funds into high-impact assets that can be monitored from anywhere in the world. This ensures accountability and transparency in the fund's activities.

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