Win. Win. Win.

Back Africa. Back Planet Earth. Get Back 8-12%

Win. Win. Win.

Back Africa. Back Planet Earth. Get Back 8-12%

Real world data. Out of this world impact.

Through our hyper-precision data sets and local relationships we are able to offer new and open access to previously unavailable markets for investors. A win for ROI. A win for the renewable energy and cleantech businesses you invest in. And a win for the planet.


IRR for Investors

1 million

Tons of carbon mitgated by 2030


All the investments are in clean technologies and companies providing people and planet-positive services.

$60-120 billion

The addressable market.



What is your money doing?

Sleep soundly.

  • At Superpower Africa Fund, we believe you should be able to sleep with a clear conscience, knowing that your investment is working not just for you, but for the planet. 

  • This is regenerative finance - where financial systems are aligned with ecologically and socially regenerative development.

What is your money doing?



We understand the African Growth Story. And we have the data.

As entrepreneurs, we live and breathe African business. We do cutting edge market analysis for clients like the World Bank and the UNDP. We are connected to the changemakers. We see what is working. And what is not.

Digital technologies are transforming Africa (have you heard of MPesa?). We are digital specialists and we understand the transformative power of data. It is the data that tells the real story. We analyse the raw bones of every business, to the resolution of every single customer and contract. We can see, very quickly, how stable and how profitable a business is.

This means that our ability to risk-assess loans and investments is unmatched. We find the diamonds in the rough. Wouldn't you like to be a part of the next African success story?


What our investors are saying

We work with investors across the spectrum, from individuals to the crowd.


Questions on investing?

What is the Superpower Africa Fund?

The Superpower Africa Fund is Africa’s first hyper-precision investment fund, designed to provide quick and affordable capital to Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) and clean-tech businesses across Africa.

How is the Superpower Africa Fund different from other funds?

Unlike other funds, the Superpower Africa Fund finances at the individual customer or contract level. It utilizes real-time data analysis for better risk assessment and focuses on minigrid, C&I and other cleantech sectors.

What kind of returns can investors expect?

Investors can expect returns of 8-12% in (real) USD terms.

How does the Superpower Africa Fund ensure transparency and traceability in its investments?

Every asset or company included in the fund has a digital trail. The performance of each asset or investment can be monitored online in real-time, and metrics such as carbon mitigation are automated and fully traceable.

How does the Superpower Africa Fund manage risks?

The fund leverages advanced data analytics techniques to aggregate high-value DRE customers and contracts into bankable assets. It diversifies investments across companies and geographies, reducing various risks. Additionally every loan is calculated including a factoring of the forecasted receivables. This means there is a ‘buffer’ that ensures that even if the receivables are significantly lower than forecast, the borrower is still receiving enough revenue to service the loan payments.

How does the fund provide impact without sacrificing financial returns?

The fund achieves high-impact returns from only unlocking nodes of untapped economic potential in Africa that can also bring about economic and social benefits. We believe that achieving impact does not equate to lower financial returns. In fact, quite the opposite. For example, there is significant evidence to suggest that investing in female owned businesses can actually yield better returns than investments made into male owned businesses.


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