Get hyped. Hyper Value Loans in 30 days.

Our receivables-backed, affordable loans are superpowering businesses across Africa. Get access to capital in just 30 days.

Get hyped. Hyper Value Loans in 30 days.

Our receivables-backed, affordable loans are superpowering businesses across Africa. Get access to capital in just 30 days.

Affordable capital for the future of Africa

We believe that renewable and cleantech businesses are the future of Africa. And we’re willing to show that we mean business. Receivables-based capital with no collateral requirements - in just 30 days..

30 days

Rapid access to capital


Reduced cost of capital


We are an all African team


No collateral requirements


4 small steps for a rapid loan. 1 giant leap for your business.

Get started

Once you have checked your eligibility and answered any questions, simply set up a call with our Business Team.

Link with our data team

Our systems ingest and process your data in order to prepare a loan offer.

Receive loan

Having analysed your data, we provide a loan offer in less than 30 days.


Manage your loan in real time using your business dashboard.

Are you eligible?

Superpower Africa Fund only finances businesses that are aligned with our values.

Also, we are a receivables financing facility.

This means we can only provide you with a loan if:

Your business operates on a pay-as-you-go, subsciption base, power purchase agreement or similar -as-a-service business model.

You use a data robust platform to manage payments or customers.

You already have some traction; some customers, some contracts or some active projects.


Believe the people that believe in you

Take a look at what some of our businesses say about borrowing with Superpower Africa Fund 


Here we've tried to answer some of the more straightforward questions. If you have more, just get in touch.

How can my business benefit from the Superpower Africa Fund?

The fund provides quick, easy, and affordable growth capital in the form of receivables-backed loans. This allows your business to convert your rights to future revenues into cash immediately. The Superpower Africa Fund is built to support the scaling up of your company. We provide that very rare resource; affordable working capital and fill the funding gap that exists before your company is able to achieve a significant equity investment.

How does the fund determine which businesses to invest in?

The fund analyzes real-time data from smart meters, IoT devices, and CRM systems employed by DRE businesses. Proprietary algorithms identify and segment stable, high-value customers and contracts within these businesses' portfolios.Answer

What are the terms of the loans provided by the fund?

The exact terms may vary, but the fund offers competitive loan terms that are often lower than the average cost of debt in target markets. Loans are backed by the forecasted revenue of high-value contracts and customers.

What regions does Superpower Africa Fund cover?

Superpower Africa Fund primarily focuses on businesses operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a specific emphasis on Nigeria. However, there is no reason why businesses in any region across the world cannot be considered.

Are there any situations or contracts that SAF excludes from financing?

Contracts associated with illegal activities, such as tax evasion, fraud, corruption, money laundering, and others, will be excluded. Don’t even try it.

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