The Superpower Africa Council celebrates the people, businesses and ideas around the world who are superpowering Africa.

The Superpower Africa Council celebrates the people, businesses and ideas around the world who are superpowering Africa.

The best of Africa

Superpower Africa Fund is part of a much bigger story. The story of Africa. In 2023, Superpower Africa Fund established the Superpower Africa Council as an independent body to celebrate the people, businesses and ideas around the world superpowering Africa. From entrepreneurs, to artists, innovators, sportspeople and public figures, the Superpower Africa Council represents the very best of Africa.

Superpower Africa Council

Meet the leaders who are supercharging Africa’s future.

How the Superpower Africa Council works


Superpower Africa Council convenes meetings to explore the key trends, people and businesses that are superpowering Africa


The Council members are all leaders in their fields and commit to amplifying the people, projects and ideas that are supercharging Africa’s future. They do this in various ways, including publishing articles in the blog ‘Superpower’ below, and using their own influence and platforms


Superpower Africa Council and the wider team are looking for the best ideas, businesses and innovations that are superpowering Africa. Please use the hashtag #SuperpowerAfrica and we will seek to amplify your voice. Also, if you know a superhero who should be considered as a new member of the Council, please get in touch.


The latest content from our Superpower Africa Council, as well as select #superpowerafrica posts submitted to our team

Introducing Superpower Women

What if gender inclusive investors had the transparent and trackable data they needed to analyse the prospective impact and financial performance of investments prior to making their investment decisions? What if it were easier and more streamlined for women owned companies to have access to the necessary capital they need to grow their businesses?

Hyperprecision Investment

How hyper precision investment is tackling centuries of financial bias on the African continent.

Illuminating Tomorrow: Pioneering Solar Initiatives in African Schools

In the heart of Africa, the Superpower Africa Fund is pioneering a transformative initiative to tackle a pervasive issue – the lack of affordable loans for individuals and businesses. This challenge not only hampers business growth but also impedes the adoption of renewable energy technologies. Put another way, many people and organizations in Africa can’t afford the high upfront costs of solar panels. The Superpower Africa Fund is designed to solve this exact issue.


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