Knowledge is Superpower

Introducing Superpower Women

What if gender inclusive investors had the transparent and trackable data they needed to analyse the prospective impact and financial performance of investments prior to making their investment decisions? What if it were easier and more streamlined for women owned companies to have access to the necessary capital they need to grow their businesses?


Illuminating Tomorrow: Pioneering Solar Initiatives in African Schools

In the heart of Africa, the Superpower Africa Fund is pioneering a transformative initiative to tackle a pervasive issue – the lack of affordable loans for individuals and businesses. This challenge not only hampers business growth but also impedes the adoption of renewable energy technologies. Put another way, many people and organizations in Africa can’t afford the high upfront costs of solar panels. The Superpower Africa Fund is designed to solve this exact issue.

Hyperprecision Investment

How hyper precision investment is tackling centuries of financial bias on the African continent.

The Future of Financial Inclusion in Sustainable Energy

Read how TFE's collaboration with UNDP's CAP initiative is revolutionizing financial inclusion in sustainable energy. This compelling journey explores the transformative power of financial aggregation in East Africa, spotlighting Uganda and Rwanda. By bundling assets to unlock financing, this strategy paves the way for growth among small-scale, low-carbon energy enterprises. With an engaging mix of market assessments, regulatory explorations, and real-world insights from 50 stakeholder interviews, these reports unveil actionable strategies to enhance financial readiness in the renewable energy sector. Ideal for DRE companies, investors, and anyone keen on financial innovation, this narrative promises to inspire and inform. Dive into the future of sustainable energy finance and see how collective efforts are shaping a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow. Access the full reports to start exploring.

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